Friday, August 27, 2010

Craigslist Cuteness

A recent Craigslist community pets posting is urging readers to look deep inside their cold, black hearts to adopt a life changing little kitty-baby.


The ad sez:

"I know you are old and grumpy and at this point nearly everything in your immediate surroundings irritates you constantly. You sit at home on the couch you've had for twenty years in the same spot watching your same old television that shows the same old rehashed news stories and mundane Larry King buffoonery. Your only joy in life is waiting for Friday night to call the police on your young neighbors for being too loud with their hip-hopping and light beers and fun time attitudes. The neighborhood just isn't the same anymore, is it? The bright colors and sharp edges of your once exciting life have all dulled. Your zest for girly magazines and waxing your Buick have long faded. Even your bi-weekly poker buddies have become irritating with their war stories and reminiscing on fifty year old fictional sexual conquests.

You need a change. A focus for your old, tired thoughts. An extra ray of sunshine for the sunset of your life. You need a KITTEN!"

(Click to enlarge)

Ok, if those sad kitty eyes don't sway you.. how about this?

"Let this kitten be your Anderson Cooper."

We hope the little fellow (the cat, not Cooper) finds a good home soon!



Steph said...

Hahaha I love this! Good for these people for being unique enough to garner interest. I can't ever look at CL pet ads, they make me sad (I need to adopt ALL TEH BEBBEHS and I can't! Gah.) so I'm glad Catsparella posted the ad! Really hope whoever adopts this little fuzzy names him Anderson.

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