Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cat Fancy: Em & Sprout

While recently cruising Etsy for the finest in handmade cat-themed goods, I stumbled upon the store of Em & Sprout. This squee-inducing shop features apparel and accessories in impossibly cute motifs such as cupcakes, penguins, pandas, and of course.. cats!

The first item I fell head over heels for was the Happy Kitty Mary Jane Shoes , $22.00 (pictured above). Hand designed and embellished with love, these unique flats are the ultimate in cat lady couture!

Bubblegum pink + bows make this one tote-ally charming cheshire.

The Sleepy Kitty Cat Acrylic Necklace - Black or White, $10.00 is beyond adorable. I love their sweet, sleepy time expressions!

Team Sleep!

Several designs, including the one pictured on the Moody Cats Dress, $22.00 are also available for purchase on tees and totes.

In addition to having crazy cute gear and super reasonable prices, Em & Sprout is also a member of team efa, "a collective of artists on who love and help animals, many of whom donate a portion of their sales to animal rescues & charities."

So what are you waiting for? Check out the store today at



caren gittleman said...

such cute items!! Adorable! I love the cat shoes and the T-shirt!

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