Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tabitha Jones Madden

Nicole Richie recently blogged about the latest addition to her family, a pretty kitty named Tabitha Jones Madden.

Nicole sez:
"One dark and lonely night, I heard a little puss puss cry from outside. At first, I thought it was Joel. But to my surprise, there she was. A sad, and very hungry kitten. She looked groomed, and was a little chubby, so I assumed she was a neighbor’s cat and ignored it. But she came back a week later and she was so skinny and I could tell she was starving. I couldn’t resist. I fed her, and she was as happy as Benji Madden in a sorority house. Its been 2 months now, so I think it’s safe to call her mine. So I went online and ordered her a house, an Italian Villa actually. And inside the house I put a framed picture of me; and no I’m not joking. So here she is, the wonderful, the glorious Tabitha Jones Madden

Photo taken with love by her mother Nicole Camille Richie."

Tabitha is not Nicole's first feline friend..

Here she is getting catty at a photo-shoot.

And pictured carrying her cat from the vet after it miraculously survived a 10-story fall with only a broken leg back in 2006.

Congrats to entire Richie-Madden clan on their fluffy little bundle of joy! Hopefully Nicole will continue to provide updates on how Miss Tabitha is fitting in with her new forever family.

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