Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cats Heart Deer, Deer Heart Cats

[meuca luv deer. image via]

I've been following the improbable friendship between cat and deer for awhile now, but Gary Bogue, pet columnist for the Contra Costa Times, recently put the mystery to rest when he was asked about the friendly relationship one reader observed between their cat and a neighborhood deer. In the post, titled That deer and my cat act like friends. What's up?, Gary responded that the phenomenon is not uncommon, they're not a threat to each other, and simply put, both are just animals that like to play.

CuteOverload recently exposed further cat/deer interspecies snorgling, and Buzzfeed covered the topic in Cat vs. Deer, "a story of hate, love, and detente." Spoiler Alert: Everybody Wins!

In honor of Cat + Deer officially being a thing, here is an ultimate collection celebrating the forbidden love affair between these unlikely companions in cuteness.

I give you a leetle kees.

Nom, Nom, Meow.

Do not mess during dinnertime.

All together now: "Why is there is a deer in your house?"

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Angel, Kirby and Max said...

THose are very cute!

Unknown said...

yeah why these deers are in your house? very adorable thougs.

Anonymous said...

this is amazing! thanks for gathering all these together. but now i want a pet deer!

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