Tuesday, August 24, 2010

100 Ways To Love A Cat: Ways 1-100

Over on Travis and Jonathan's YouTube channel, they recently posted a video called "100 Ways to Love A Cat: Ways 1-100." The cute video, and ridiculously catchy song lists 100 individual things you can do to show your cat that you love him. My suggestion for way 101? Write a song for him and post it on the internet.

In case you don't have 35-minutes to watch the video in its entirety, I've captured some of the highlights below.

5. Don't squeeze their paws hard

11. Whisper, "I love you."

17. Play them some music

18. Give them a cute collar

21. Brush Their Teeth

22. Let them watch TV (Apparently this cat enjoys watching Memoirs of a Geisha)

28. Don't forget them on Christmas

30. Hold them like a baby

35. Cat-proof your home

37. Praise them lavishly (with stickers!!)

43. Give him a separate zone

49. Respond when he meows

52. Remind him that you love him

56. Record precious memories

57. Dress them up in ribbons

72. Don't trap them in the laundry basket

76. Give them a massage

85. Admire his long whiskers

87. Pretend that he's a piano

90. Let him have a lick

96. Draw a picture of him

98. Read him a book

100. Just love them every day



Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

love these! I bet we cat lovers can think of 1000s more!

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