Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween From Henri, Le Chat Noir

Henri 4, L'Haunting

My favorite internet cat, Henri, le Chat Noir, is back with a new video to celebrate my favorite holiday, Halloween! The philosophical French(ish) feline lambasts the idea of costumes, decorations, and even pumpkins themselves, before suffering the indignity of wearing a costume right next to his nemesis, the white imbecile. 

"They say black cats are bad luck," the tuxedo cat says. "(It is) an obvious ploy to hide their jealousy."



Mr. Black said...

I can assure everyone that black cats are good luck! And, if anyone disagrees with me, they'd better hope I don't cross their path.

katsrus said...

I love these videos. I think black cats are beautiful.
Sue B

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