Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Simon's Cat Gets A Springtime Surprise

Simon's Cat in 'Springtime'

Simon's Cat is back in a new animated short, where he gets his just desserts for trying to paw his way to an easy supper.

The video was released in celebration of Simon Tofield's upcoming book, "Simon's Cat Vs. The World." It's the fourth book of the beloved cat's naughty adventures, but the first to be published in "glorious" color. 

A spokesperson for the publisher tells The Daily Mail, "'The other stories have been about Simon's Cat and his owner, Simon, and have seen new characters being introduced gradually. In this one he takes himself a bit further in the garden and tries to make his place in the world and become the boss of his own story...often failing."

"Simon's Cat vs. The World" hits bookshelves in the UK on October 4.



Julia Williams said...

Haha!! That WAS a surprise!

katsrus said...

I love Simon's Cat! LOL.
Sue B

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