Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Your Somewhat Ultimate Guide To Dressing Like A Cat This Halloween

Cat ladies get a lot of flack for their supposed lack of sex appeal, but once Halloween rolls around, the stores are packed with sexy kitten costumes, with nary a provocative pooch get-up in sight (although I regret to inform you, the sexy hot dog costume does exist.)

So what are a gal or guy's options for transforming into a purring pussycat come Oct 31? Whether you're looking to go flirty or full-on furry, here are the essential feline looks that will get you through the candy-shilling season in style.

Adult Sexy Mean Kitty Costume

The Black Cat

The black cat is a Halloween staple that can be achieved with as little as a pair of ears and some well-placed face paint (add a tail and bow-tie if you're feeling fancy), but more typically includes some combination of marabou, leopard printcorseting and fishnets (not that there's anything wrong with that). Before donning your catsuit for another thrilling mischief night romp, don't forget this PSA campaign from last year that reminds us that cats are people too.

Adult Chococat Costume

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty costume options have expanded in recent years, with styles like "Classic Blue" and "Sequin" steadily joining the ranks of mini-dresses emblazoned with Kitty White's mouthless mug. A surprising (to me) addition this year's collection is an adult Chococat costume, that's one part French Maid, one part Lil Bo Peep. While I have no beef with Chococat, I see this as a most subversive choice, as you have to be one hell of a Sanrio fan to shell out nearly 50 bucks on a costume devoted to the lesser-known character (that being said, I'm totally down with this look).

Adult Cheshire Cat Costume

The Cheshire Cat
When it comes to Alice in Wonderland, the character with the most costume options (next to Alice herself, of course) has to be the psychedelic Cheshire Cat. Always a classic, the philosophical puss can be sexymischievous, sassy, fuzzy, or as seen above, just plain weird

Adult Catwoman Costume Grand Heritage - The Dark Knight Rises


Anne Hathaway's turn as Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises is sure to increase the number of Catwoman cosplayers this year. Claw your way to the top with an authentic (and super pricey) version of Hathaway's costume, or give a nod to Catwoman's past with a purple velvet catsuit to show your street cred. Whatever you do, steer clear of Halle Berry's look from her disastrous turn in 2004's Catwoman, lest you want me to throw raisins in your pillowcase.

Deluxe Adult ThunderCats Lion-O Costume


Thundercats, HOOOO! The cat (ish) superheroes of the 80s have enjoyed a rise in popularity thanks to a 2011 Cartoon Network reboot. In-kind, their fearless leader, Lion-O, has received an impressive deluxe costume, complete with character jumpsuit and claw-shield gauntlet.

The Cat in the Hat Couples Costumes

The Cat in the Hat

"Tube dress" and "thigh high stockings" are not accessories I would typically expect to appear in a costume inspired by a classic children's book, however it just goes to show that no matter your level of modesty, there's a Cat in the Hat look for you. 

Black Cat Kigurumi

Kigurumi Cat

Kigurumi, the Japanese street fashion whose name comes from the verb kiru (to wear) and noun nuigurumi (stuffed toy) has made its way to the U.S., much to the delight of street pajama wearers everywhere. Kigurimi Shop sells an array of the oversized, hooded suits in feline-inspired styles, while TopShop recently introduced a more fitted version so you can go twinsies with your tuxie.

(via Ex President)

Do It Yourself
If you're aiming for the most creative costume award, you have no choice but to go the DIY route. BuzzFeed's resident cat man, Jack Shepherd, threw down the gauntlet last year with his self-made Business Cat costume, while other popular choices include internet memes like Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat.

So tell me, what cat are you going to be for Halloween?



Marissa said...

Whatever is the baggiest of costumes. No one. I repeat, NO ONE wants to see me in a mini or skin tight cat suit. I'd be featured on People of WalMart website.

Catsparella said...

@Marissa Aww, don't say that! It doesn't matter what you wear, but how you wear it!

K4TT said...

ohhhh .. I would so wear the Black Cat Kigurumi on a cold snowy day - any day!! Who needs Halloween to be purrrfectly cozy?!

Jennie Dresses said...

Oh my gosh, I've dressed as Black Cat, Kigurumi Cat and Catwoman!

It would seem that I have a thing for cat costumes!
Jennie @ fancydresscapades.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

Oh dear ....you have made the cat angry!!! You left out Puss N Boots!!! I have dressed as PNB a couple of years & was always a big hit! If u try it, u gotta find the right hat & boots !!! & must speak with an Antonio Banderas accent all night !!

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