Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's Caturday!

Welcome back for another edition of Caturday, where we catch up on the week's latest cat news and get to meet some of your amazing kitties!

Ok, so I know I usually post this on Saturday, but since technically every day is Caturday, I thought it would be ok to put it up a little late. The reason for my absence over the past few days was because of a really cool trip I took to St. Louis to visit Purina. The company hosted a special event where they invited me and 15 of my fellow cat and dog bloggers from across the country to meet them and see what they're all about.

During my time in Missouri, I chowed down on some amazing cat cupcakes (that I will be sharing with you later this week), met the many faces behind brands such as Friskies, Cat Chow, Purina One, Tidy Cats, and Fancy Feast, and hung out with two hard-working feline facilities managers, Rocki and Ava! 

I also wore a lab coat and goggles while touring a dog food plant, sampled gourmet dishes that inspired some well-known pet food flavors, and visited Purina Farms where we went to a petting zoo, checked out the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge, and attended an inspirational community event called The Purina Pet Project. Another highlight of the trip was meeting Buddy (real name: Kit Kat), who has appeared online and on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" playing the Friskies You vs. Cat iPad game app. As luck would have it, I had the pleasure of going paw-to-paw with the well-trained celebri-kitty, and as predicted, he kicked my butt!

The past few days have given me a lot to think about, and I had a blast spending some quality time with my blogger buddies who I don't get to see very often. I'm extremely grateful to be part of such a fantastic pet blogging community, and want to say thank you to everyone at Purina for all of the hard work they put into this event, and for inviting me to be a part of it.


Find out how this week's featured feline went from being a stray, to becoming a beloved member of the family!

Dawn writes:

This is my cat, Scrounger. He's the only boy in our three cat house. As is the case for many people, Scroungie picked us. He kept hanging around the porch until one cold January night, I couldn't take his sad face anymore and he joined our little cat family.

Doing what he does best!

Scroungie showed up a few months before our beloved Maine Coon died. All our cats are inside cats, but towards the end of his life we just wanted him to be happy. Scrounge would walk around with him and seemed to know he was sick. It's like he knew we were going to have room for one more.

Hanging out with Beatrix

Scrounge is also quite a skirt chaser. Here he is sharing the catnapper with his sister Beatrix.

Special thanks to Dawn for sharing Scrounger's lovely gotcha tale with us this week! 

p.s. Looking for even more Catsparella? Check out my weekly columns over on Catster!

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Want to see your cat(s) on Catsparella? I'm always accepting submissions for my weekly Caturday post! Just email your best kitty pics to, and include your cat's name and anything else you'd like to share! I can't wait to hear from you!

Disclosure: Purina covered all of my expenses associated with this trip, but all of the thoughts, opinions, and feelings of cat cupcake adoration expressed in this post are my own.



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