Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Feline Fashion Inspiration

Cat fashion has been infiltrating the high fashion market for quite some time now, but on a trip to the mall this weekend, I encountered a record number of fashionable and (reasonably) inexpensive feline-inspired looks from retailers such as Forever 21, Macy's, H&M, and Cotton On.

While subtle cat silhouettes are in vogue at the moment, I'm also favoring these bold kitty prints and unexpected accessories that will help keep you cute and cozy in the chilly months ahead.

1. Twin Cat Burnout Sweatshirt - $56, Topshop
2. Derpy Cats American Apparel Raglan - $28, Derpy Cats
3. Cats Are My Boyfriend Shirt - $29, Dentz Design
4. ASOS Sweatshirt with Galaxy Cat - $49.25, ASOS
5. One Wise Kitty Socks - $7.99, ModCloth
6. I'm Just Kitten Tights - $33.99, ModCloth
7. Nice Things Whisker Me Away Bag - $79.99, ModCloth
8. Nice Things Art as Mews Bag - $94.99, ModCloth
9. Ditsy Feline Sweater - $19.80, Forever 21



Kendy P said...

OMG - I want it all!!!

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