Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brian Kirk's 'Movie Cats' Replace Celebrities With Kitties

Ghostbusters Cat

Brian Kirk describes his life as, "Cats and movies, all day, every day." Kirk is the illustrator behind Movie Cats, a series of prints that recreates famous movie posters using kitties. No genre is safe from the artist's catty hijinks, as classics such as Jaws and Ghostbusters get remakes, along with modern fare like Miss Congeniality and The Help. Kirk's prints are currently on sale through Fab.com, where you can click over to see even more great moments in feline film history.

Office Space Cat

The Help Cat

Lost In Translation Cat

Jaws Cat

Miss Congeniality Cat



Anonymous said...

Sooo cute!!! <3 And creative!! I love it s much!

Anonymous said...

Love them!

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