Thursday, September 27, 2012

Henri, Le Chat Noir Turns Political Pundit

Henri - Politique

Fresh off of his Golden Kitty win at last month's Internet Cat Video Film Fest, The Seattle Times asked Henri, le Chat Noir to make a short video sharing his political opinions. While the philosophical feline didn't endorse a specific candidate in the upcoming presidential election, he did manage a meow-out to Tuxedo Stanley, his feline look-a-like who is running for mayor of Halifax.

"Perhaps worshipping cats as living gods, as the Egyptians did, is too much to hope for, " Henri mew-ses. "But a few city council seats would be a great start." 

Via Facebook (Henri, le Chat Noir)



Piney Princess said...

He is the best political animal on the media circuit during this election season. His poise and articulate demeanor puts Obozo to shame!

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