Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Senior Cat Model Mr. Wendy Welcomes Persian Protégé To New York Fashion Week

Minus the debut of Grace Coddington's Pumpkin Cat inspired capsule collection for Balenciaga, New York Fashion Week has been devoid of any major cat news. However, one event I was looking forward to reporting on was the return of one of my favorite Tweeting felines, Mr. Wendy, a debonair black furred fashion model who celebrated his (sweet) sixteenth birthday late last week.

For the past four years, Mr. Wendy - a cancer survivor who was rescued from behind the dumpster of a Wendy's - has enjoyed a cherished spot as a cat model in designer Rachel Antonoff's annual fashion week presentations. Unfortunately, due to illness, he had to sit this year's picnic inspired presentation out, however when reached for comment on his current condition, the senior kitizen replied, "Still sick, but better soon. So sad to miss show, but Lyle (@grumplstiltskin) was so fluffy and cute! Like a young me! #modesty"

The Lyle in question was Mr. Wendy's understudy - the show must go on, after all - a bashful 4-year-old Persian mix, owned by Audrey Gelman. The Cut, apparently eager to cover every aspect of NYFW, posted a profile on the reluctant cat model, where her owner revealed the kitty's pre-show preparations, which included running around in circles for extra cardio, and getting pampered with a shampoo and nail trim before the live event.

It also appears that unlike other budding feline fashionistas, Lyle isn't exactly in it for the long haul. As Gelman told The Cut via email after the show, "She's been taking a lot of naps since we got back, staring at her favorite tree in the backyard, and catching up on Sons of Anarchy with me. I think she prefers the simple life, and I sympathize!"



Katie Isabella said...

what a handsome fella and Katie, me, will follow him. Those kitty cupcakes with the pink ears and tongue in yesterday's bloggie are enchanting.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Lyle is handsum too, we hopes Mr Wendy is better soon. xoxo

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