Monday, September 17, 2012

Bob-bob The Cat Hitches A Free Ride To Disney World In His Owner's Suitcase

Bob-bob the cat went on the adventure of nine lifetimes last week, when the 14-month-old feline snuck into owner Ethel Maze's suitcase, just before she embarked on a 10-hour, 1,000 mile trip from her home in Ohio to a Disney World vacation in Orlando. Perhaps angry that he wasn't going to get the chance to ride the magic teacups, Bob-bob took it upon himself to book a one way ticket to the happiest place on earth.

Friend Mike Groleau says he remembers seeing something moving when he zipped the suitcase shut, but was tired, and thought his eyes were just playing tricks on him. The bag was checked at the airport and put on the plane, and Bob-bob wasn't discovered until they reached the hotel and unpacked. Maze says she was startled to find the cat in her suitcase, and fearful that he didn't survive.

It's still a mystery how the sneaky cat got past airline security -- The TSA claims that the technology used to scan bags is programmed to pick up explosives and not animals, however it's a little alarming that something with bones and a heartbeat could make it though without further inspection.

Bob-bob is in great condition considering his ordeal, and will have a much more comfortable trip back home to Ohio in a cat carrier. "It seems like he's eating this up, all the attention. Because we're so happy he survived we keep hugging him and telling him how much we love him," Maze says.

Bob-bob was on the hunt for Mickey Mouse

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Kelly said...

Glad Bob-bob is safe and sound. What a big ordeal that must have been for him!

Texas, a Cat in... Austin said...

What an amazing story! I'm glad Bob-Bob made it safely to Orlando. It must have been a scary trip!

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