Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Can Has Cheezburger Reality Series "LOLwork" To Premiere On Bravo In October

The cast of LOLwork

Update: The show's premiere date has been moved to Wed, Nov 7 at 11/10c.

Back in April, I breathlessly reported that Bravo had just announced their upfront schedule for 2012, which included an intriguing offering with the working title of "Huh?" The show promised an inside look at, and was described as a "30-minute doc-com following Ben Huh and his eclectic staff as they create cat-centric video, photo and other types of grammatically incorrect content for the hugely popular site."

Months passed and I heard nary a word about the series, until this weekend when I was catching up on some RHONY and nearly hit the deck when I saw a lolcat inspired promo for the show. "LOLwork" as the series has been renamed, recently launched a website that includes a preview video and cast bios, and has been given an official premiere date of Tuesday, October 2 at 10/9c on Bravo.

Dead Cat Dilemma (Click here to watch if video doesn't load)

A clip titled "Dead Cat Dilemma" gives a sneak peek at the reality series, which almost appears to have been modeled after "The Office." In it, staff members discuss the appropriateness of posting a photo of a deceased cat on the entertainment site (NOPE), while we're introduced to cast members such as Editor-in-Chief Emily Huh and Content Supervisor/cat sympathizer Will Sharick.

"Cat blogging is serious business, you guys"

As a cat blogger, I'm fascinated to see the inner workings of ICHC (someplace I'd actually like to work), but I'm still not convinced that running an online network can translate into a captivating television viewing experience. Only time will tell if the series will rival other Bravo hits with its cat fights and hissy fits, but I for one can't wait to watch what happens.



Julia Williams said...

I agree with you... I love ICHC (and would also love to work there) but IDK if it will it make for a good reality show. I will watch to see, though!

Piney Princess said...

Mah kitteh GiGi speeks LOL, an she sez "LOLKATZ ar sooo kool!" She even has her own page, where she speaks LOL and uses her commentary on her own pictures as well as the REAL LOLs.The genuine LOLs are British Shorthairs, just like she is; but she says "other katz kan bee LOLs if dey iz funnee!"

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

if there are people talking about cats on a TV show, rest assured there will be cat fights...just think of the Cat me...there will be cat fights lol.
In my opinion ICHC has slipped HUGELY. They used to be MUCH better and that should be their biggest concern.

Georgia said...

I definitely will be watching this. But NO dead cats.

Anonymous said...

I love Will!!!

Kelly said...

This will be interesting to check out, we'll have to see how it goes!

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