Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kitten Miraculously Survives 166 Mile Journey in Cardboard Filled Recycling Container

John Creek and Finley

Recycling plant worker John Creek got quite a surprise when he opened a container that had just been shipped 166 miles across the Irish Sea, only to find two kittens inside; One deceased, and the other barely alive.

The surviving two-week-old kitten, named Finley because of its "Irish connections," was trapped under piles of cardboard for as many as five days without food or water while enduring the voyage from Dublin, before stopping in Reddish, en route to China.

Surprisingly, Creek admits this isn't the first time he's witnessed such a miracle; Six years ago he rescued another cat from a similar fate, who he ended up adopting and calling Skip. He says he'd bring Finley home too, had his family not just gotten a dog.

Finley is now recuperating at the RSPCA, where spokesperson Lorna Campbell told the Manchester Evening News:

"It's quite common for cats to have their litters in skips or containers, where it is warm and quiet and then, while they go hunting for food, someone takes the container away.

However, I have never come across so young a kitten having survived, and given that the other kitten was found dead, it's just a miracle that he survived."



starification said...

Aw, poor baby :(
So glad it was rescued though!

Marilia said...

Own! I´m so glad the baby was rescued!!!
Porr little baby!

Anonymous said...

Oh the man should adopt him !

Unknown said...

He's a fighter, that one!

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