Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Writer's Cat Thwarts Love in Comedy Horror Web Series, My Pussy's Possessed

My Pussy's Possessed (turn the volume down if you're at work) isn't an *ahem* unseemly version of My Cat From Hell, but Nick's cat could still probably use a session with Jackson Galaxy to help exorcise her demons. In episode one of the new "comedy horror" web series about a Hollywood writer whose cat gets overtaken by an evil spirit, we meet Angel, a kitty who isn't so much possessed as she is possessive over her man. I dig the Meow-Mixy theme song, the unflappable cat guy, and Angel herself, who waxes poetic on her blog:

"Basically, my problem is that Nick (you can call him my owner, I prefer boyfriend) doesn’t realize that I’m the only girl for him. He’s got what he needs right here at home, soft, cuddly, sexy, puuuurfect.

Yeah, I can be a little demanding at times, but that’s because I know what I want, and I deserve it. I’m one sexy cat, not some ugly butt faced dog. These skinny Hollywood bitches…I don’t know what he sees in em anyway, they’re just skin and bones, and you know how the story goes, only a dog likes a bone."

You can follow upcoming episodes of the series on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.



Unknown said...

I'm on board, they canceled "Top Cat". It's slim pickens on the Telly for the kitty set. No seriously, it looks great.

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