Friday, October 28, 2011

Puss In Boots Behind the Scenes Audition Tapes

Well, today's the day! DreamWorks Animation is finally letting the cat out of the bag with the release of Puss In Boots, the origin story of the ginger kitty Casanova. Reviews are generally good so far (it's currently 77% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes), with the New York Times proclaiming its "spectacular use of 3-D that raises the bar for a mainstream animated film," and The Washington Post declaring it as "almost shockingly good. And not just because a lot of you will approach it with lowered expectations." The New York Post bemoans in its negative review, that the film is "punctuated by more puns and cat jokes than you can shake a litter box at," but I'm pretty sure that's going to make me like it even more!

To be honest, I've never seen any of the Shrek films (I know!), but I'm still getting really excited about watching the spin-off tonight! In the meantime, I'm counting down by catching up on all of the crazy cat promotions leading up to the film's release, including this "behind-the-scenes" casting video, the adorable "all-cat" red carpet premiere, the classic Puss/Old Spice guy parody, and the real life kitty-sized boots that were made just to help promote the film.

Anyone else getting ready to check out Puss In Boots this weekend? Let's make a cat movie #1 at the box office!



Tasha said...

Absolutely adorable. Clever kitties. I can't wait to catch this movie.

MaryMatthews said...

LOL, brilliant! I know I'll love the cat jokes and puns too:)

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