Friday, October 7, 2011

Top 10 Pet Halloween Costumes of 2011, Modeled by Cats and 1 Lonely Dog

The National Retail Federation is reporting that Halloween spending is at an all-time high this year, with $2.5 billion being spent on costume sales alone. Of that amount, an estimated $0.3 billion will shelled out for pet costumes that we will force our poor cats to wear for about, oh, 0.3 seconds.

While human costume trends are skewing towards zombies and superheroes, the top 10 pet costumes are generally more traditional, with pumpkins, witches, and ghosts all making the list. The most notable trend is "species switching" (cats dressed as dogs and dogs dressed as cats), which oddly offers these rivals the rare opportunity to see how the other side lives. (Although if your pup tries to start using the litter box, you might have some problems).

So does the list match up with your cat's Halloween 2011 costume expectations? Share your kitty's costume plans in the comments!

1. Pumpkin



Unknown said...

The look on their faces says it all!! I did attempt to dress up my cats for 'Meow Like A Pirate Day'. Lets just say we won't be trying that again..

HH and The Boys said...

I love the dog in the cat costume. There's a bit of poetic justice in that I think.

pawhugs, Max

Julia Williams said...

They are all super cute, but I esp. appreciate the irony of the dog dressed as a cat, and the cat dressed as a dog.

Lolcat Lisa said...

Never have so many cats been so humiliated on the Interwebs. The horror...the horror! =^..^=

Anonymous said...

My kitty will look good on the 4th costume. The black cat is adorable. But, my kitty just hates to wear any clothes. Does anyone have knowhow?

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