Monday, October 17, 2011

Cat Returns Home With Purchases After Fruitful Shopping Expedition

This cat looks like it got quite a workout using its tiny mouth to laboriously haul a plastic bag back home, and after a busy day of shopping, it's not letting anything out of the bag! I especially love when they encourage her to, "bring it home, bring it home!" as she waddles on by.

But what do you suppose is in this kitty's mystery bag, anyway? Some delicious fish for dinner (like Lala the pengin)? Catnip mice and a bag of treats? (some YouTube commenters reckoned that there was a sale). Or maybe it's just some clothing fit for a feline fashionista, who like this cat, recently discovered Forever 21 for the first time.

Either way, I can totally relate to what's going on here. I have the same wobbly gait when trying to lug my groceries up three flights of steps, too.



CATachresis said...

The mind boggles as to what she's carrying??? lol at lugging groceries :)

Unknown said...

Oh the end of that just killed me as she wobbled up the path - don't you just love YouTube!!! =^..^=

Unknown said...

Mumzy said wobble like dat all the time, coz I'm so fluffy. Humph.

rayesibaby said...

Watching my cat try to get a chicken in a bag (he'd taken from someone's house..) over a 6' fence was hilarious! We sent him shopping for the Christmas Turkey lol!

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