Thursday, October 20, 2011

Join Cats Protection and Billy Noir-Mates in Promoting Black Cat Awareness Day

I love black cats more than anything, so it's always upsetting and confusing when I hear how they often linger in shelters longer than their more colorful counterparts.

Cats Protection, a UK charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming stray, unwanted or homeless cats and educating people about cats and cat welfare, cares for many of these overlooked felines, and has declared October 27th as Black Cat Awareness Day, in response to this growing trend.

Billy Noir-Mates

As part of the social media campaign, they've produced a video starring Billy Noir-Mates, a human in a black cat costume who laments over being ignored, despite his best efforts at garnering attention from oblivious passerbys.

Tom Briggs of Cats Protection's Publications and Digital team, says:

"We created Billy Noir Mates to highlight the plight of many black cats who find themselves left on the shelf for weeks or months on end. Black cats make up around a fifth of the total number of cats being looked after by Cats Protection, and a new fact that has occurred this year is that each one waits a week or longer to find a home compared to the average cat.

We suspect black cats are being overlooked because of the tough economic climate. Fewer people are adopting cats, so there is more choice available. There may be a tendency to see black cats as less exciting so people make a beeline for the tabbies and the gingers which catch the eye. While we are always pleased to see each cat go to a new home, we can't help but feel sorry for the black cats that are left behind."

The rescue organization has also recruited cat loving celebs such as Twiggy and her cat 15-year-old black cat Titania, and Simon Tofield (of Simon's Cat fame) and his two black cats Hugh and Teddy, to help inspire people to consider the joys of black cat ownership.

Tofield tells Cats Protection, "I've got two black cats and they've brought me nothing but luck. Teddy and Hugh are the most adorable pets and I think it's quite cool to have black cats!"

If you're interested in participating in Black Cat Awareness Day, Cats Protection is asking that you follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates, but wait until October 27th to upload pictures of your own.

Let's all get together and help spread the word, and make sure the Billy's of the world never get overlooked out of fear or misunderstanding ever again!



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