Monday, May 2, 2011

Mini Kitty Jewelry Will Make You Squee

Etsy seller, Charlie's...... creates miniature food masterpieces out of plastic, and then transforms them into wearable pieces of art. Within the shop I found these two kitty-themed accessories that are almost too cute for words! (that won't stop me from trying, though!)

Can we talk about this Kitty Cat Coffee with Biscotti Pin ($15.00), for a minute? If you can't get your paws on a real cat latte, could this not be the next best thing? The amount of detail is incredible, and it would look tres chic affixed to your bag or blazer!

I also love this adorable Kitty Cat Teapot Necklace ($15.00). The little accents, from the cat ears on the lid, to the heart shaped handle, are absolutely purrfect!

Hungry for more? Check out Charlie's...... shop for even more delicious looking wearables!



Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

the kitty teapot is soooooooo cute!!!! precious!

Clooney said...

They both are so cute!

Unknown said...

Mum spends too much money when she visits all the cool stuff you post. AND it isn't on cat toys! What is she thinking?

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