Monday, May 30, 2011

GhostKitties Giveaway Winner!

Thank you again so much to everyone who entered the GhostKitties giveaway! I used to pick the winner, and it selected comment #8, belonging to Kerry!

Kerry commented, "Oh my...hard choice...I have 6 living...and my angel babies total 6...all very special in their own way. Twanger Bear (T'beara) probably had the most personality. All black big boy. Got his name as a kitten as he would take a run through the house and than slide in the hall Twanging off one wall to the other like a pin ball...and he was such a roly poly he looked like a small black bear...big broad face...and he was always smiling. I lost him in '86 and I still think of him...and his memory makes me smile."

Congrats, Kerry! I will be in touch with you shortly!

If you're interested in ordering a custom made GhostKitties memorial doll of your own, please check out their online shop and Facebook page for more information.



GhostKitties said...

Greetings! MEOW! Thank you all so very much for entering the GhostKitties giveaway! It was so touching to read each and every one of your lovely stories about your dearly departed feline friends...I was very moved by your beautiful descriptions and couldn't help but reflect on my own lost kitties as well. And congratulations and hurray Kerry! I cannot wait to start creating a GhostKitty for your sweet T'beara--what an amazing story of your beautiful cuddly "bear!" Again, I thank each one of you who entered and may all of our magnificent darlings R.I.P.!

Peace & Love, M.T. Balles/GhostKitties

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Concatulations!!! Even if I am jealous as

Cat said...

Congratulations to the winner Kerry!!!

Clooney said...

Congrats to the winner, theese was an awesome giveaway! We finds ourselves a wee bit envious...

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