Thursday, November 21, 2013

James Franco Talks Growing Up A Cat Person, Adopting Black Cats On "Ellen"

James Franco and His Cat Calendar

James Franco, noted cat man, recently made an ovary busting appearance on "The Ellen Show," where the host engaged him in an aww-inducing round of cat chat. The actor admitted that he was raised a cat person, and shared a snap of his family posing with their kitties:

The Franco Family and their cats.

Even more adorable, Franco revealed that he recently adopted two black cats named Lux and Max from the set of his new movie "Homefront," which opens in theaters later this month. While his character in the film steals the cat, in real life, Franco adopted the kitty and his stunt double. 

Max is such a cute kitty!

Lux and Max not only scored a forever home with the movie star, but some sweet Halloween costumes, too!


Lux and Max getting in the Halloween spirit.

To wrap up the segment, DeGeneres presented James with his own 2014 cat calendar, featuring the scantily clad celeb alongside some adorable pussies. Sadly, there's no word on when the one-of-a-kind collectible will be available in stores, but luckily for us, the actor shared a few of the photoshopped pin-ups on Instagram. Me-ow!



caitlin said...

we would have the most perfect cat family. #beminejamesfranco

Summer at said...

Yay! More cat men need to make themselves known!

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