Saturday, November 16, 2013

It's Caturday!

Welcome back for another edition of Caturday, where we catch up on the week's latest cat news, and get to meet some of your amazing kitties!

This week I was away taking care of some purrsonal business, but I have two important notes to share:

-I will be moderating author Simon Tofield's author event at the Mid-Manhattan Branch of the New York Public Library on Monday, November 25th! Tofield is the award-winning illustrator behind Simon's Cat, and is on a U.S. tour in support of his latest book, "Simon's Cat vs. The World." I'm very excited to be taking part in this event, and hope to see you there!

-There's still time to enter for your chance to win a copy of Yasmine Surovec's new book, "Cat vs Human: Another Dose Of Catnip." I'm drawing the lucky winner this coming Tues. 11/19!


This week's featured feline is a darling baby who looks stunning in black and white!

Banawe writes: 

On the day we brought him home, we were deciding on a name for our adopted 3-month-old grey tabby kitten. The first option was Shadow, because he ran to the corners of the room and hid away from our eyesight, under the bed. Then we thought Shade, because, shadows. 

Hours into the night, I was trying to show the kitten some lovin’, when I realized how hard it was to appear affectionate without a term of endearment. Out of a sense of urgency.. I turned to my boyfriend. “Quick! What are we naming him?”

"Madness," my boyfriend said.

Indeed, he quite is. :)

Special thanks to Banawe for sharing her adorable kitten with us this week! As a lover of black and white photography, Madness is now one of her dearest subjects. You can get a glimpse of his cat-tales at ♥



Brett said...

What a handsome cat!! Black and white photography lends itself well to cat photos. I like it for uban photograpy as well. When you shoot in black and white, you stop thinking about colors and start thinking about shape, contrast and lighting.

Summer at said...

My human SO wishes she could be at your event with Simon Tofield! But she can't afford to extend her time in New York this week. :-(

Unknown said...

Gracias! :) Madness was in a fit of crazies earlier! Must have known his feature was on the way. :D

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