Friday, August 9, 2013

A Tribute To 'Walking Dead' Star Norman Reedus's Black Cat, Eye In The Dark

Norman Reedus with Eye In The Dark
(Terry's Diary)

It's cool to be a cat lady these days, but I'm still stoked when I stumble across the unexpected cat dude. It's not surprising when Katy Perry and Taylor Swift posts pics of their beloved felines on social media, but it's always a treat when stars like Ricky Gervais, Chris Colfer, James Taylor, and Gilles Marini post candid pics of their beloved kitties, announcing their cat man status to the world.



Perhaps it shouldn't be so surprising that The Walking Dead's resident badass Norman Reedus (aka Daryl Dixon) is a cat guy. When he's not busy fighting walkers and hunting squirrels with his crossbow, he's really just a sensitive soul at heart.



I was recently inspired by an awesome BuzzFeed post highlighting Reedus's black cat, a gorgeous specimen named Eye In The Dark. The darkly mysterious feline makes sporadic appearances on the actor's Twitter and Instagram feeds, proving that just like us, celebrities can't help but share their proud kitty pix with the world. 



Reedus, an animal advocate who just made headlines for his stance on banning cosmetics testing on animals in the U.S., opened up about Eye In The Dark in an interview with GQ last year.

"It's just this fat, black alley cat. My son wanted a black kitten when he was a kid, and I found it in the East Village in some rescue shelter, but it was born in a box and the guy that was getting rid of it was like, "You don't want this cat. This cat's never gonna love anyone." And the first time I saw it, it was like just hissing and scratching everything it saw and now it's like this big, fat, chill cat."



Since animals are not affected with the zombie plague that inhabits TWD, is it too late to start lobbying for a kitty companion to accompany Daryl and the crew on their journey? They can name it after one of their fallen comrades, or just stick with Little Ass Kicker 2.

Follow Norman Reedus on Twitter and Instagram. The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its 4th season on October 13.

Via BuzzFeed / Instagram (@bigbaldhead) 



Anonymous said...

ah. maze. zing.

katsrus said...

Beautiful kitty. Sounds like he is doing a lot of good. Great post.
Sue B said...

Well, I am a former US Army Airborne Ranger, martial artist, and former actor and I rescue Feral kitties. (there are 9 kittens and their parents living in my house and all the kittens started hostile and seriously feral but now are cuddly little dickenses. A few. like their parents, are shy, none are hostile.One adult will, if annoyed, hit you with her paw but with the claws retracted. Looks like they are ready for adoption.)
Over the years I have met a lot of "tough guys" who love cats. Maybe people should realize there Are a LOT of "crazy cat guys" and give us equal notice as the cat ladies. After all, guys need cat clothes, too.

BarbieCat said...

I know lots of guys who love cats... my husband among them. He pretends he doesn't... says badass things to our black cat... but in the sweetest voice, all the while petting and tickling her.

Georgia said...

I would love to see a cat in TWD!

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