Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vogue Eschews Shark Week In Favor Of Fashionable Felines

Creative Director Grace Coddington with her cat Pumpkin

Forget Shark Week! Vogue is giving themselves over to the power of the pussycat for Cat Week.

In honor of National Cat Day this coming Thursday (??), the mag is among the dozens of ailurophiles trying to hijack the #CatWeek hashtag on Twitter. As someone who has never watched Shark Week before (I prefer animals with fur), I appreciate the act of rebellion, but every week is cat week to me.

Snacky (owned by Diego Hadis, Copy Editor)

The fashion bible, which has featured several cat-themed editorials in the past, is celebrating seven days of felines with cat week exclusives like The Ten Best Kitten Heels for Fall and a cat eye make-up tutorial video. Unfortunately, neither article involves actual cats (save for a few wild cat prints), so your best bet is the gallery of Vogue staffers sharing pictures of their beloved felines. 

George (owned by Jorden Bickham, Associate Accessories Editor)

Included are kitties with names like Snacky and Catberry, along with legendary Creative Director/cat lady Grace Coddington and her Persian cat, Pumpkin. Associate Accessories Editor Jorden Bickham's cat George also makes a stylish appearance, posing alongside her favorite Rochas bag.

As Dodai over at Jezebel sez: "But seriously, what does it say about the Internet when even VOGUE is posting cat pix."

View the entire slideshow of fashionable felines over at

Eva (owned by Beau Sam, Fashion Associate)

Via Vogue / Jezebel



Lolcat Lisa said...

I'm sorry but isn't EVERY day National Cat Day? It is for me!

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