Thursday, April 25, 2013

Work It Kitty! Cats Get A Hilarious Fitness Routine In New Temptations Clip

Alex Gaudino ft. Taboo "I Don't Wanna Dance" - Work It Kitty

In the past week you've probably witnessed a cat in a shark costume chasing a baby duckling on a Roomba
, and the kitty who gets his kicks by licking the vacuum cleaner hose, but have you seen "Work It Kitty!", the feline fitness tape produced exclusively for cats?

Kate and George, owners of "The Best Little Cat House" cat hotel, came up with the idea after observing one of their charges watching aerobics on TV. After wondering why cats don't have workout videos, the couple set out to make one of their own.

The silly (and endlessly giffable) routine features low impact, cat-friendly moves like the rear leg lift, paw rotation, and a box jumping exercise that even Maru would love.

The fictional feline workout is actually part of a clever ad campaign for Temptations cat treats, featuring the music of Italian DJ Alex Gaudino, featuring Taboo. In addition to the video, there's also a website dedicated to the spirited routine, where you can find bios for each of the cathletes, tips on keeping your cat active, and more digital downloads in the future.

Via Facebook (Temptations Canada) / Work It Kitty!



katsrus said...

That is just too cute and funny at the same time.
Sue B

Unknown said...

Oh,that's hysterical. The more I tried to envision my two doing that, the harder I laughed!

Unknown said...

This is amazing.

Jeremy Norton said...

This is very funny! I just realized cats could be good fitness instructors.


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