Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Tardar Sauce: Grumpy Cat Turns 1!

Grumpy Birthday, Tardar Sauce!

It's hard to believe that Grumpy Cat, who is arguably the most famous feline in the world at the moment (sorry, Maru), has only been a part of our collective consciousness since September, when her uncle Bryan posted her picture to Reddit.

Since then, Tardar Sauce has had one impressive run, racking up hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebookgreeting loyal admirers at SXSW, making several high profile media appearances, and becoming a celebrity spoke-cat for Friskies cat food. Most recently, she also stole the spotlight from Princess Kate Middleton, after the two appeared alongside each other on the cover of People magazine

Today, as Tard celebrates her first birthday, complete with a party hat and cake emblazoned with her famous face on it, I'd like to think that she is at least smiling on the inside. As she revealed in this heartwarming video last year, "I'm not grumpy. That's just how my face is shaped."

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enigmachine said...

HAPPY Birthday, Tardar Sauce :)

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


katsrus said...

Happy birthday sweet Tardar Sauce.
Sue B

Anonymous said...

Grumpy Kitteh actually looks happy in the pix with her cake!

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