Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Caturday!

Welcome back for another edition of Caturday, where we catch up on the week's latest cat news, and get to meet some of your amazing kitties!

This week, a devoted cat dad created the ultimate kitty maze out of cardboard boxes, cats with thumbs returned in Bertrum Thumbcat's Cravendale Milk sequel, senior cat model Mr. Wendy gave his thoughts on New York Fashion Week, Priscilla's awesome co-workers surprised her with kitty-inspired cupcakes, Friskies offered a $15,000 prize for the best internet cat video of 2012, an Argentinean coffee company promised an oversized cat couch with every cup, and thanks to talking animals, we learned that pets really do add life.

Also, don't forget to stop by to enter for your chance to win your choice of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-inspired feline from The Feltery! Choose from Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo, or Michelangelo kitty!

Ruby and Pandora

This week's featured felines are two fluffy fur siblings who love each other furry much!

Aya writes:

Here are some photos of my 10-month-old Exotic Shorthair Pandora, and my 3-year-old, Ruby. They are out-of-control cuteness!

Where's Ruby?

Ruby was rescued by Animal Haven shelter in New York, and I adopted her at 10-weeks! She was the last kitten left on a Friday night. She is adorable, has a smiley face, white mittens and socks, and a giant floofy tail!! She loves Maru the cat and is obsessed with cardboard boxes. You can follow her on Twitter at @IamRubythecat.

Pandora got caught snoozin'!

I lived on my own with Ruby for two years until my boyfriend and I got engaged last year, and moved in together. We decided to get another cat because Roo was lonely, and found Pandora through a breeder in Long Island. We picked her up on New Year's Day!

She is the friendliest kitten in the world, loves people, and loves to "talk"! She is very loud, and Ruby is very quiet (never meows). They love each other and are inseparable! We are crazy about them and Pandora was the perfect addition to our little family.

Special thanks to Aya for sharing her gorgeous girls with us this week! She also wanted to make sure that I gave a shout-out to Animal Haven in New York City for all of the amazing work they do!

p.s. Looking for even more Catsparella? Check out my weekly columns over on Catster!

This week:

Want to see your cat(s) on Catsparella? I'm always accepting submissions for my weekly Caturday post! Just email your best kitty pics to, and include your cat's name and anything else you'd like to share! I can't wait to hear from you!



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