Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vietnam Celebrates 'Year Of The Cat'

While many Asian countries such as China are busy preparing to usher in the lunar Year of the Rabbit this week, Vietnam is getting ready to celebrate the year of a very different furry four-legged creature: The Cat.

No one's really sure why the Vietnamese zodiac calendar replaces the bunny with a cat, but some believe it's as simple as a translation error.

As part of the new year's festivities, a feline fashion show was recently held in Hanoi, and many residents have been busy stocking up on kitties for their households. One woman at the market clutching two kittens to her chest told reporters, "They catch mice and they're like a child who brings happiness to the family. They're really smart and will follow whoever gives them food and takes care of them. They're just like children."

Check out the video above for the full report, and Happy New Year to everyone, no matter how you celebrate!



Luscious Lucy said...

Yayyyyy Vietnam! It should be Year of the Cat EVERY year, don't you agree? We hate to say, but we can't help it because after all, we are cats -- we might have to visit China for a small, itty bitty snack. Mom is not going to be happy that we said that.


Thank You very much for sharing!

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