Monday, February 14, 2011

Good Mews! Voldemort Cat Finds A Home

Last week, I posted a link on my Facebook page to a sad story about an unusual looking British cat looking to find the purrfect forever home. Charlie was dubbed "Voldemort" because of his uncanny appearance to the Harry Potter villian.

The 14-year-old cat got his unique look when he lost the tips of his ears and nose after sunburn caused him to develop skin cancer.

The Blue Cross shelter where he was being housed feared he would be unadoptable because of his unconventional appearance, and issued a plea that quickly went viral on the web and touched the hearts of many animal lovers around the world.

Reddit user wilycyotte gave Charlie a colorful new look

His story appeared on several major news sites, and as OregonLive discovered, some users of the Reddit community even took it upon themselves to give Charlie an impromptu makeover to make him appear "less scary."

All of the attention seems to have worked, as the Daily Echo is now reporting that Charlie has already found a new owner, who is ready to give him the loving home he deserves!

A spokesperson from Blue Cross Centre told the Daily Echo: "They got on really well and we are now making the preparations for him to go home with her at the weekend."

"She is not a Harry Potter fan, she just heard of his plight for a nice, quiet home and she could offer him that."



Julia Williams said...

Oh...yay for Charlie!

Unknown said...

This warms my heart. Hooray for Charlie!

Marcia said...

YAY! He was not ugly!

Luscious Lucy said...

Oh my GOSH. This made me cry. I think he's beautiful just as he is. I can tell you now, if I'd been living in the UK, that boy would have been mine.
That was my mom, Jenny speaking, in case it wasn't obvious. She doesn't just let me have any man cat I want at a whim ;)

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