Wednesday, February 9, 2011

'You Hurt Cats I Hurt You' Shirt

Cat Lover Tee - $32.00

Internet celeb Audrey Kitching (pictured below) has a clothing line called Tokyolux, and its current collection of cat-themed goods is aptly titled Kitty Couture. Many of the pieces (mainly shirts) feature pastel colored cats with crosses on their heads, but in my opinion, the most covet-worthy object is the oversized hot pink "You Hurt Cats I Hurt You" tee.

Shop the entire Kitty Couture collection over at Tokyolux.



T said...

love the message on the first t-shirt! woot woot!

Anonymous said...

Who says all our youngsters are self absorbed!

Anonymous said...

fabulous! the first shirt is an instant classic.

Mr Puddy said...

My mom wanna have the first shirt : )

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I love the first shirt too!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

My gods, Audry is so stunning.
Never knew someone could make cats look better than they already are.

Rocksteady said...

She's copycat the first t-shirt from The Balletcats.

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