Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet Roadrunner, America's Only Long Distance Running Cat

The Asbury Park Press recently published the amazing story of Roadrunner, a three-year-old trained, distance running black cat.

Her story began one morning in 2008, when Michael Greenblatt, a fitness trainer, was shocked to find a homeless kitten keeping pace with him during his morning run. Every day after that, the cat would show up at his house for their 5:30 a.m. workout sessions, and then quickly disappear afterward.

Greenblatt eventually decided that he had to adopt the unique cat as his own, and began "training" her on a daily basis. Like any athlete, Roadrunner drinks water, stretches, and warms-up before she gets started. After two years, the quick kitty can run 154 yards at more than 5 mph, improving her time from just under two minutes, down to 54 seconds.

The fit feline gets attention wherever she goes, and there's even a children's book about her in the works.

Visit Roadrunner's official website to learn more!

Source: [Fitness trainer turns cat into running partner. - Asbury Park Press]



Julia Williams said...

What a cute story!

Carolyn said...

Awesome. Real men love cats. So wonderful to see such a bond between cat and man.

Unknown said...

I have da same warm up routine, rolling around on da ground. I didn't ebben know I was warming up. Hurray for Roadrunner. ~^..^~

Mr Puddy said...

That kitty born for him !!!

Sonia Zjawinski said...

Is it just me or does that cat have a stiff walk? Like he's being exercised too much.

Clooney said...

How cool is that! Incredible!

doc haynes said...

This was so cool.
Thank you for posting this wonderful story.
@ Carolyn - Yes even us hetero-men can love cats. I happen to have 8 of the little furbags living with me at the moment. I could not let them suffer the winter outside. That would have been a very uncool thing to do. But half of them will be farm cats come springtime.
Besides, cats are just cool. Annoying sometimes, yes, but cool none the less.
The four cats that will be staying after winter, are true and dear friends to me.

doc haynes said...

Oops, I did not mean to imply that the other half are not my friends, or that they are not dear to me. They are going to my nephew's farm and I will be visiting them often. Sorry for any misunderstanding. They will always be a part of my life, but they prefer the outside, and he has a good outside for them to enjoy. My furbags would rather just kick it with me, hanging out inside and laying on the computer.
Peace all.

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