Thursday, February 24, 2011

Must Love Cats Episode 2 Recap & Resource Guide

Hi guys! It's me, Stephanie's cat, Priscilla! Back for another recap of Must Love Cats, Episode 2!
First of all, I have to apologize for putting this post up so late. I type everything with my own two paws, and that can be pretty time consuming! Maybe I'd be able to write faster if I had a set of thumbs like this cat, named Jimmy!
Anyway, I loved this episode of Must Love Cats even more than the last one (if that's possible), so let's get right into it!
Joey The News Cat
The first stop on John Fulton's continuing tour around the country to find the coolest cat stories, was to visit the biggest television star in Little Rock, Arkansas - A 3-year-old tabby cat named, Joey!
When Joey was a kitten, he wandered into the news garden of Today's THV, and the rest is history! The station quickly adopted the feral cat as their own, and now he's got a REAL job helping to present the news every morning.
Co-workers claim that Joey is, "always doing something cute," and that he goes into "diva mode" whenever the cameras come on. The little charmer has "true catitude," and and brings joy not only to everyone at the station, but to all of the viewers who tune in to watch him!
The Cat Engineers
Paul Klusman and TJ Wingard are just two crazy cat guys from Kansas who are professional engineers by day, and YouTube celebrities by night! They created a series of cat videos, starting with one called "An Engineer's Guide To Cats," that have truly allowed them to express themselves in a "really cute, but manly way."
John met the main cast of kitty characters from their videos, Ginger (the "Blonde Diva"), Zoey ("The Star"), and Oscar (not quite sure what his designation is), and got a peek into the "laboratory" where their videos are shot.
After an impromptu lesson in Cat Yodeling, John also stopped in to meet Reginald, a beautiful black cat who was adopted because of the engineer's efforts!
Kitty Prosthetics
Moving on to Colorado, John meets with a brave black and white kitty named Cassidy. The poor 12-year-old is missing his back paw, but luckily for him, the Must Love Cats crew has come to help! They travel to an an amazing treatment center in Denver called Orthopets, that specializes in braces and prosthetics, custom designed to help "disabled pets have a chance to live normal and pain free lives."
Once they arrive at the hospital, the medical team fits Cassidy for his new "kitty ski boot," and send him off to adjust to his new foot! A few weeks later, John comes back to visit Cassidy and his owner, who says he's doing just great!
Cat Trees
Back in Kansas, John heads to a farm to meet a man who crafts unique "cat trees" out of, well.. actual trees! After selecting the wood (Osage Orange, Maple, Cherry, or Walnut), the artist, Ray Smith cooks it in a kiln for several days before the finishing touches can be applied. The one-of-a-kind trees cost between $900-$1,800 each, and Smith uses his "expert tester," an orange kitty named Little Z, to ensure customer satisfaction!

Little Z approves!
Cedarhill Sanctuary
Next, it's time to go down south to Caledonia, Mississippi where John meets the cats of Cedarhill Sanctuary. Created in 1990, Cedarhill is a lifelong sanctuary for exotic and domestic cats, and is home to 12 tigers, 5 lions, and over 200 kitties!
Founder Kay McElroy came up with the idea to start the sanctuary after rescuing an abused cougar cub in 1987. She was unable to find anyone able to care for it, so she decided to start her own place of refuge. Much like The Cat House on the Kings featured in last week's episode, Cedarhill costs $42,000 a month to run, and relies entirely on donations. One big difference between Cedarhill and Cat House on the Kings, is that the cats at Cedarhill never leave, as they all have had "traumatic pasts" and have been deemed "unadoptable." While this is sad news, to be sure, it's also good to know that they eventually found the purrfect feline paradise to call home!
Evergreen Cat Lodge
Speaking of paradise, for the final stop of the week, John checked himself in to the Evergreen Cat Lodge, a "cats only" boarding facility located in the foothills of Denver, Colorado.
The "Jungle Cat" Suite
For $35 a night, your cat gets access to one of 32 well appointed VIP suites (see more pictures here under "Gallery",) that hold up to 3 cats each. Your pampered pussycat has free-run of their room, furnished with all the comforts of home, and then some! All of the rooms have glass doors so the caretakers can check in on kitty without disturbing her, the litter boxes have ventilation systems to keep everything smelling fresh, and they even have toasty fireplaces to keep your cat warm on cold Colorado nights!

Premium wet and dry food are also provided to guests at no extra charge, but some cat owners prefer to provide their own, or even have custom meals prepared on the premises. John hits the kitchen where he whips up (and samples) a delectable combination of turkey, rice, and sea salt for one fortunate feline. Bon appetit!
Well, that's all I got for this week, kitties! Don't forget to tune into an all new episode of Must Love Cats this Saturday at 8/7 P on Animal Planet, when John explores the Midwest and meets the creator of Garfield, and a cat that has four ears!
P.S. If you're looking for even more information about any of the stories featured in this episode, check out the handy resource guide below!

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Julia Williams said...

It was a great episode, thanks for the recap! I sure hope they do more than six episodes, because I would have withdrawals for sure.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh you have provided so much here. Entertainment for certain sweetness to make us smile and ways to help those innocents who need us.

Fr. Tom Fish said...

I have the link listed in my little black book! What a great guy and Priscilla, it was so nice of you and Catsparella to share videos and info. I love the show, but darn it all, I missed it tonite. It's 9 eastern as I'm reading your blog!

Have a good weekend!

gridelin said...

I love this show! It is just too adorable and sweet.
Thank you for including links to the t shirts he wears.

Unknown said...

Furbalis! Some of my fav vids for sure. Of course I love the fact that the news one "inadvertently promoted my job as a pet-assisted therapist. Ok, I see Joey, is the top cat and not an assistant.

XHVGrX said...

Does anyone know where I can get the shirt that John has on throughout the episode that is a black shirt with what looks to be a gold cat face print on it?
I'd like to get it as a birthday gift but can't find any info on it.
Thank you

Catsparella said...

@XHVGrX I'm pretty sure this is the shirt you're looking for:


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