Thursday, December 2, 2010

Feel Good Cat Story of the Day

When 16-year-old Diesel the cat's person passed away, things were not looking good for the grumpy senior kitty.

His owner's family was not willing to take him in, and they dropped him off at the Seattle Humane Society to be "euthanized, rather than see him suffer in his old age."

Fortunately, every healthy, adoptable pet is able to stay at the humane society as long as they need to before finding a home, "regardless of age, breed, or beauty."

After a 5-month stay, shelter volunteer Mindy Matter ended up falling in love with the fluffy boy, but she wasn't sure her husband would feel the same way.

She told My Seattle Pets:

"When (my husband) Nick came to meet Diesel he gave him some scratches and turned to talk to me. He left his hand resting on the edge of Diesel's cubby, and Diesel butted his head against it, nuzzling his fingers."

No one had ever seen Diesel be so affectionate before, and the rest was history! They adopted him right then and there that day.

We wish Diesel the best of luck in his new forever home with the Matter family, and hope more people realize that older kitties need and deserve love too!

Story and image via My Seattle Pets



T said...

i love it! love when senior kitties get adopted!!!!

Anonymous said...

Having adopted two senior kitties myself, Diesel is one lucky boy and they are lucky to have him in their lives.

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