Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cool Cats: The Art of Mindtrigger

Mindtrigger, aka Rinna Clanuwat, is a doll artist, illustrator, children's book writer, creative director, and designer. Whew! The prolific Bangkok based artist is currently working on a 365 days of art project, which you can view on her Flickr photostream here. While I'm definitely a big fan of all of her work, her kitty inspired pieces truly are the cat's meow. Using materials such as colored inks and watercolor paper, Clanuwat creates her own dream world (one that includes kitty mermaids!)

You can keep up with Mindtrigger on Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.



Anonymous said...

Kool Kitties!

Rinna Clanuwat said...

Thank you for blogging about me :D
Merry Christmas to you :D :D :D

Catsparella said...

Hi Rinna! Thanks for stopping by!! Merry Christmas to you too! You're so talented, and I love your work!! :D

Tasha said...

These are great! I love the mermaid one.

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