Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Caturday!

Our first submission this week comes from reader Guille, who wanted to share pics of her exceptionally cute cats - Homer and Oogie.


Guille writes: "My white and grey kitty is named Homer (after Homer Simpson) and was actually given to me by a friend because no one would take him. He kept hissing at the person who originally had him. I was supposed to have gotten another cat from the same litter, but he was given away. Here's the interesting part: Homer is actually a girl. The person who gave him to me told me he was a boy, which I found out was wrong, when Homer started going into heat. "He" was already named; I couldn't bear to change his name.

The really cool part (and the reason I think he was meant to be with me) is that Homer's grey patches on his back form a #7! He was a gift to my partner at the time, who's birthdate is 7-7-77! How cool is that? (Ed note: Very cool, indeed!)

Oogie (named after Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas) is a Manx (no tail), and lives up to his name. He is a little devil who's always up to some sort of mischief! I love them both dearly and I couldn't have gotten through the last couple of years without them."


Our next submission comes from Kathy, who shares her beloved cat, CC (Cool Cat). Sadly, CC passed away last August at only one year, one month, and one day old after battling pancreatitis and further complications.

Here he is all gorgeous & dignified

She writes: "He had a lovely nature and allowed our girl to carry him around without any fussing."

And here he is, goofy with his face pressed between the banisters

Kathy also shared some adorable pictures from her daughter's cat-themed birthday party for a Cat Cupcake Tuesdays post, which you can see here.

Our hearts go out to Kathy and her family for the loss of their beloved CC. Indeed, he was a very special cat who will never be forgotten.


Next up, Jana and her beautiful baby, Hunter! How badly do I want to pet this cat??

Jana writes, "Here are a few pics of my beloved Ragdoll cat Hunter. I adopted Hunter from the SPCA in South Carolina and he's been my companion for 10 years now. He's as lazy as they come. Hunter likes to sleep in one particular box. I've tried getting him to sleep in a cat bed or pillow for years, but he won't have it. So, this is where you'll usually find him, especially when I'm working in my office."

"They tried to make me go to box-hab, I said no, no, no.."


And finally, our friend Cat Chat Caren shared a picture of her kitty (and blog co-writer), Cody! Caren wrote a touching post this week about what her animals mean to her titled, "How My Pet's Love Is My Holiday Gift", which you can read here.


Very special thanks to all of my wonderful, magical, and beautiful readers who submitted their cats this week!

Want to see YOUR cat on Catsparella? I am now taking submissions for my weekly "It's Caturday!" post. All you have to do is email your best kitty pic to Please include the cat's name, and any other information you would like to provide. I can't wait to hear from you!



Grace Elliot. said...

Oh these are gorgeous pictures, thanks so much for sharing them. My heart goes out to those that have lost their feline friends in the past year - especially poignant to share.
Grace x

Catsparella said...

Thank you, Grace ♥

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

OMC poor Cody!! He is the mutt isn't he?? lol. I am such a mean Mama!
I am in love with Hunter....he is so uniquely marked. I have developed quite a thing for them!
I am so sorry for dear CC...what a beautiful, beautiful sad...waaay too young for a kitty to pass :(
Homer and Oogie? 2 more cuties! Love that Homer has the 7 on HER back! What an adorable girl....7 is lucky so that is one lucky cat!
Oogie is these kitties!
Happy Caturday!

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