Thursday, December 23, 2010

World's Ugliest Cat Is Actually Pretty Cute

He's been billed as "The Ugliest Cat Alive", but I think that 8-year-old Ugly Bat Boy (Ugs for short) is actually pretty cute!

The unusual looking cat resides at a veterinarian's office in New Hampshire, where his favorite spot is lounging on top of a warm computer monitor. The vet and his staff believe that Ugs' condition, which leaves him bald with a scarf like scruff of fur on his chest, is a genetic mutation. He was tested and had none of the markers for a rex or sphynx, two breeds of (purposely) hairless cats.

Dr. Stephen Bassett, who runs Exeter Veterinary Hospital where Ugs lives told AOL News, "When he sees a camera, he pretty much poses. He's become quite the star."


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If i hear one more time this cat is ugly i am going to scream!

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