Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cat Cupcake Tuesdays - My Neighbor Totoro Edition

This week's edition of Cat Cupcake Tuesdays is dedicated to the classic Japanese anime film, My Neighbor Totoro. The film follows two young sisters, and "their interactions with friendly wood spirits in postwar rural Japan."

Totoro, a keeper of the forest, is a rabbit/feline like creature. With aide from his magical friends, he helps sisters Mei and Satsuki through the difficult time when their mother is in the hospital.

He also makes for a very cute cupcake topper!

Another one of my favorite characters in the fantasy film, is Catbus!

Yep, exactly like it sounds, Catbus is a bus made out of a cat. With furry insides, a fluffy tail, and custom opening doors, Catbus, with its glowing yellow eyes and oodles of legs, is Totoro's main form of transport

Feast your eyes on these lovely Catbus cakes!


Have you spotted any cute, beautiful, or creative cat-themed cupcakes? Or maybe you've made some kitty culinary creations of your own? Please submit your sweet tips for Cat Cupcake Tuesdays to catsparella@gmail.com!



Weetzie's said...

Oh my, so much cute I can hardly stand it. And thank you for posting the Catbus vid, that's new to me. Both awesome and freaky at the same time!

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