Monday, November 29, 2010

Catsparella 2010 Holiday Gift Guide - Cat Edition

Tis' the season to spoil your kitties rotten with the coolest pet gear around! If your pampered tabby is sick of standard issue furry mice, follow my gift guide for fun ideas that your dignified cat is sure to appreciate.

Hand Knit Wool Cat Sweater - Paulette's Creations, $24.00

Keep kitty cozy this winter with a one-of-a-kind, hand knit sweater featuring a stylish Icelandic pattern. This beautiful sweater is made out of Lopi wool, which is resistant to water and snow.

Alessi "Tigrito" Cat Bowl - Bloomingdales, $90.00

Looking to indulge your pussycat with some designer dinnerware?? Check out these chic double bowls designed by Miriam Mirri. Fancy feast, indeed.

5 Christmas Light Certified Organic Catnip Toys - Oh Boy! Cat Toy, $20.00

Keep your curious cat out of the tree this year with dazzling, multi-colored Christmas light catnip toys. These handmade treats are made out of Eco felt, and are sure to keep your kitty busy during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System - Modern Cat/Amazon, $49.95

Not so much a gift for your cat, as it is for you. Think of all the YouTube videos that can come out of this endeavor! One of my goals in life is to toilet train a cat before I die. There, I said it.

Custom Sweet Kitty Christmas Stocking - Just Cats Boutique, $15.00

Has someone been a good cat this year? Show them how much with their own cute n' fuzzy Christmas stocking, which can be customized to match the color of your own sweet kitty. You can also choose the mouse color, and color of the faux fur cuff.

Ladybug Scratcher - Nip and Bones, $40.49

While my personal favorite is the Ladybug Scratcher, Nip and Bones has a selection of some of the most unusual scratchers I've ever seen, from Mouse and Reindeer, to Kitty Express. If you stop by the Nip and Bones site, be sure to say hi to Baby Patches, their "Chief Kit"/adorable Turkish Angora cat.

I Can Has Cheezburger Pet ID Tag - Ebonypaws Pet Tags, $10.00 (via Must Have Cute)

For the 100th time, yes you can has!

Happy Hanukkah Catnip Fortune Cookies (set of 2 toys) - Jake and Micah, $9.99

For all the Jewish kitties in the house, represent the festival of lights with these super pretty catnip fortune cookies. As an added bonus, each one features its own special kitty-themed fortune!

Zhu Zhu Pets Version 3 Hamster - Rocky - Toys "R" Us, $5.98

We got one of these for our cats last year (Num Nums!), and it was a big hit. One of the cats likes to sit across the room and watch it run around the kitchen, while the other one likes to bat at it and carry it around. Since it makes random, odd noises (including what sounds like a rooster crowing and a cow mooing), it's also great for cats with a case of kitty ADD.

Cat Play House (Tank, Plane, or Firetruck) - Think Geek, $24.99

Everyone knows that a cat's favorite gift is a plain cardboard box, but why not try to mix it up a bit with these fun, and slightly more amusing looking play houses. Modeled to look like a tank, plane, and firetruck, these cardboard sets are sure to set kitty up for an adventure of a lifetime.

Jolly St. Nick Cape and Pet Santa Hat - Pampered Whiskers, $16.99

Pampered Whiskers is back just in time for the holiday season with their super deluxe Santa hat and cape set. The plush velour fashions even come in their own special keepsake box, so you can continue to delight/torture kitty year after year.

Kitty Movie DVD - Perpetual Kid, $9.99

Another Catsparella favorite. My kitties love the old VHS cat sitter tapes, and this year it's time to upgrade to DVD! This version is a double feature, including "Kitty Goes Hunting" and "Kitty Goes Fishing". For those unaware, these films include all kinds of creatures - birds, mice, fish, butterflies, etc. set to a soundtrack that will keep your cat amused/confused for hours.

Hanukkah Tutu Harness Cat Dress - Lil Yorkie Fru Fru, $75.00

I don't have much to say about this, other than I am in love with this cat.

Stayed tuned for the Catsparella 2010 Holiday Gift Guide - "People" Edition.. coming soon!



T said...

some great ideas! sweater kitty doesn't look too thrilled tho!

Daisy said...

I have been wanting one of those cardboard play houses for a while!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

best ideas I have seen! Adorable!

Martha said...

This. Was. AWESOME. I was it ALL!!! For, um, the furbabies, of course. Yessssss....

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