Monday, November 22, 2010

Missing Cats Are Having The Best Week Ever

Today I stumbled upon not one, not two, but THREE recent stories about kitties who found their way back home after being missing for periods of fifteen days, to three years!

Zeus photo by Chris Ware

First up is Zeus, a 14-month-old cat from Connecticut who was was missing for fifteen days after a neighbor found him in her yard and dropped him off outside of an animal shelter located 3 miles away.

Zeus' owner, Jerry Siegel, told

"We held out little hope because the shelter is so far away. But then one night I heard meowing coming from the front door, and there he was. It was amazing. We were so heartbroken when we thought he was gone. My wife cried for days."

Zeus survived freezing nights, heavy rains, and miles of woods to make his way back home!

Little Big Man and the Tormey's photo by David N. Seelig

Next up, the Idaho Mountain Express is reporting on a Himalayan-Persian-Ragdoll mix named Little Big Man, who traveled 23 miles over a period of five weeks to reunite with his family.

After his owners, Margaret and Bill Tormey, moved to a new condo that didn't allow cats, they gave Little Big Man to their niece to take care of. Shortly after arriving with her, he escaped.

Still in the process of moving, the Tormey's returned to their old house several weeks later, and got quite a surprise!

They told The Express:

"Bill said he had dreams about the cat coming back home, and I said, 'No, that's too far!' Next thing you know, we're at the old house and the cat is knocking on the door."

Happily, the Tormey's new landlord was so impressed with Little Big Man's dedication that he is allowing him to stay, despite a strict "no-cat" policy.

Harrison and Terri Essex photo by Jordan Travis

Finally, we have the amazing tale of Terri Essex's cat, Harrison.

While traveling in New Mexico from her home in Michigan three years ago, Terri got a call from her house-sitter saying that her cat Harrison had escaped. When she returned from her trip, she did everything she could to find him, to no avail.

Miraculously, last week a cat caught in a live trap was brought into a local animal control. Fortunately, the cat, Terri's long lost Harrison, still had his collar on and was microchipped, so a quick reunion ensued.

Essex told that she "had always suspected Harrison had found a way to survive. I always felt like he wasn't dead, like someone had taken him. It sounds like, from what they're saying, he's just been free-roaming all this time."

Kudos to all of these cats for having the will to survive and making their way back home, no matter how long it took!



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