Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's Caturday!

Welcome back for another edition of Caturday, where we catch up on the week's latest cat news, and get to meet some of your amazing kitties!

This week, Refurb the cat accidentally raised $1,000 for charity by lifting her little paw, Vogue eschewed Shark Week in favor of fashionable felines, Max the shark costumed Roomba cat was up to his old tricks, burn survivor Justin the kitten showcased his miraculous recovery on The View, and we paid tribute to 'Walking Dead' star Norman Reedus's fierce black feline, Eye In The Dark!

Elsewhere, there's still time to enter for your chance to win a hand printed Gorgeous George black cat poster from Hotline Ink! I'm drawing the lucky winner this coming Tuesday, August 13! 

Templeton, Caruthers, and Wally

This week's featured felines are a trio of Exotic Shorthair kitties, owned by one very talented cat artist! A few years ago I interviewed Cassie Graus (aka KittyCassandra) about her colorful kitty paintings, and now it's time to meet her mew-ses!

Cassie writes:

Meet my kitties, Templeton, Caruthers, and Wally! They are homebodies (i.e., indoor cats) and love cuddling, sleeping, and lazing around all day -- they are not the most active cats. They love watching car headlights coming through the windows and monopolizing our desk space when we are working! Templeton was a rescue and is now free of a host of medical problems that took a few years to resolve and get to the bottom of. :)




Templeton inspired me to make a web game called "Dingle Fling" for reasons that will quickly become obvious (it might take a second or two to load and it's playable with the spacebar only).

They love inspiring my art every day.. here are some comics I've made that were inspired by them!

Special thanks to Cassie for sharing her purrfect pussycats with us this week! If you'd like to see more of her awesome art, follow the KittyCassandra's Cat Paintings fan page on Facebook, or visit her Persian and Exotic Shorthair cat art shop here.

Want to see your cat(s) on Catsparella? I'm now accepting submissions for my weekly Caturday post! Just email your best kitty pics to, and include your cat's name and anything else you'd like to share. I can't wait to hear from you!



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