Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Burn Survivor Justin The Kitten Showcases His Recovery On The View

Justin the Kitten - The View

A three and a half month old kitten who made headlines after being set on fire in April, appeared on The View yesterday to showcase his magnificent recovery and reunite with the good samaritan who saved his life. 

Damaris Sanabria rescued the cat, now named Justin, after finding him left for dead on the streets of Philadelphia. He was taken to Animal Alliance, a New Jersey based animal welfare society, where he endured many nights in the hospital, multiple surgeries, and much needed TLC, before being placed in his forever home last month.

According to View co-host (and noted cat lover) Whoopi Goldberg, Justin was attacked by "a yet to be identified maniac who the police better find before I do." According to The Star-Ledger, a $6,000 reward is still being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for the heinous act. 

Despite losing most of his ears and having two-thirds of his body burned, Justin's fur has grown back with a fluffy new coat, and his owner, Kelley, says he can hear perfectly fine, especially when it's time to eat! Kelley, who has set up a Facebook page where fans can follow Justin's progress, describes the extraordinary kitten as, "full of life and full of love." 




Anonymous said...

I love seeing Justin.. he makes my heart happy!

meowmeowmans said...

What an uplifting story. So glad this little sweetheart is doing well.

Unknown said...

omg i just cried. how could someone do that to an innocent animal? so glad he's alive and well.

Squirrel Girl said...

There ARE animal police. And the SPCA has an enforcement unit. They do amazing work. There's a reality show on Animal Planet called "Animal Cops" that follows several stories per episode.

Anonymous said...

Yes there are wonderful animal policing agencies out there, but WAY too many animals get tortured and mistreated in the US and they have NO advocates whatsoever. The same thing happened to an orange kitty here in west Michigan and that poor darling was on an adoption list for about a year. I think people shyed away because of the lack of normal looking ears. Sad.

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