Thursday, June 6, 2013

PR Agency Seeks Cat Video Technologist

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Hunting for a new job can be a soul sucking proposition, as you pour through online listings in hopes of finding your dream position. But every once in awhile a gem comes up (remember the Feline Lap Surrogate?), that's tailor made for the tech savvy feline enthusiast.

Taylor Herring, an award-winning public relations firm based in London, is currently seeking a Cat Video Technologist to join their rapidly expanding content creation team. 

Instead of posting the opening to some boring job site or (horrors) an actual printed publication, they took to Twitter to share the good news. While the title might be slightly embellished, the job itself is very much real. 

In addition to relevant skills and experience, candidates for the position should possess a "creative mind and obsessive social media habits," along with a knowledge of why Ryan Gosling won't eat his breakfast, and why Tom Selleck just can't get enough of waterfalls and sandwiches

Qualified job seekers have until June 21 at 5 p.m. to submit their resume, along with a 6-second Vine selling their skills. Viewing Maru's entire video catalog isn't required, but recommended, just to be safe.

Via Taylor Herring / Business Insider



Sparkle said...

My human wants to apply, but she already has a job. Working for me.

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