Monday, May 6, 2013

Cat Meme To Do List Reminds You To Buy A Boat, Among Other Things

As someone who can be a bit of a procrastinator (a procatinator?), sometimes all it takes is a good list to keep me on track. Enter TodoCat, a handy site, inspired by the I Should Buy a Boat cat meme, where a serious looking feline wearing a suit reads a newspaper and contemplates life over a cup of coffee. The screenshot was originally taken from the Bjork video for  "Triumph of a Heart", but gained popularity last year, when it was posted to reddit with the caption, "I should buy a boat".

According to TodoCat's creator, the site functions as "a Sophisticated Cat meme todo list. Relentless organization is the first step to feline elegance and/or maritime freedom."

In case you aren't in the boat buying market, you can make a list of any activities you "should" do, from watching more cat videos, to eating more kale. The list gets saved in your browser, but you can also sign up for a free account, in case you find yourself away from the computer, and need to remember to pick up some extra cat food on the way home from work.

Aside from hanging out with your kitty and reading Catsparella, what should you do today?

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Anonymous said...

Not only that...but he is an Abyssinian! His name is Muri and he's a star in Iceland...
Needless to say, I've posted about him a few times :-)

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