Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Incredible Cat Latte Art From Japan


Thanks to an article on NPR, I recently discovered the amazing work of Kazuki Yamamoto (@george_10g), a 26-year-old latte artist from Osaka, Japan. Yamamoto is responsible for creating hundreds of amazing designs (several of them cat related), which he composes using little more than a toothpick, some milk, espresso, and foam. 




Luckily for latte enthusiasts who can't make it all the way to Japan, Kazuki, along with friend Kohei Matsuno (@latte_artist_jk), share images of their edible artwork on Twitter, much to the delight of their thousands of eager fans.



Grumpy Cat!

While latte art has grown in popularity in the U.S., design philosopher Leonard Koren theorizes that it's more prevalent in Japan because of the beauty inherent in its ephemeral nature.

He tells NPR: "For example, the Japanese love the cherry blossom metaphor. Because cherry trees blossom for only a week or two every year, when they do blossom, there is the emotional poignancy of knowing that it is only a temporary state of affairs. 

If you can memorialize cherry blossoms in poetry—which the Japanese do, why not do the same for latte foam?"



Follow Kazuki and Kohei on Twitter for your daily caffeine art fix. 

Via NPR 



Julia Williams said...

In a word: WOW!!!

I just adore these. I cannot believe how talented and creative some people are. The Hello Kitty, Simon's Cat and Grumpy Cat designs are spot on. Honestly, if I had even one tenth the talent of this person, I would be a happy cat!

katsrus said...

Wow how can they do that? So cool.
Sue B

Katie Isabella said...

WOW isn't strong enough. I wish I could find the word. Amazing!

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