Friday, May 10, 2013

Big Panther And Lil' Panther Go Paw To Paw In Stunning Slow Motion Video

Duality from Rich K on Vimeo.

I love black cats of all sizes, and it's not hard to see why when watching this gorgeous video, produced as a promo for eHow Pets. The mesmerizing clip features a comparison between a black panther and an equally fierce domestic cat, jumping and roaring together in glorious slow motion. 

Bonus: The music is by Nine Inch Nails.

Via Facebook (Hauspanther) / Tumblr (alxbnxgala)



Mariela Santillan said...

That is so beautiful!I love watching cats (big and small) play and hunt. It is a truly graceful, fluid act. Wish I could run a big cat sanctuary.

Georgia said...

I love this!

Katie Isabella said...

OH what a TREAT seeing this is!!! Thank you.

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