Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lil Bub And Andrew WK Encourage Fans To Donate To Local Shelters This Holiday Season

Lil Bub & Andrew WK's Special Holiday Message

Lil Bub, internet darling, and Andrew WKmotivational party rocker, are two precious creatures who were put on earth for the sole purpose of spreading joy and positivity. VICE recently brought the two forces of nature together, to create a special seasonal message encouraging viewers to donate to their local shelter this holiday season.

In the clip, Bub, who may or not be Jewish, sits casually curled around a menorah while Andrew, outfitted in his signature all-white-everything, appeals to our sense of kindness and generosity. At one point, the perma-kitten can be seen sneakily licking some cookies (which she totally wasn't supposed to do), but her owner/dude Mike Bridavsky assures fans that she did NOT ingest any chocolate.

In addition to running her online empire, Bub is also an animal advocate who uses her fame for good. In addition to raising funds for various animal related organizations such as Pets Alive, The Exotic Feline Rescue Center, and Monroe County Humane Association through the sale of merchandise in her online shop, the philanthropic feline recently started a new community called "Lil Bub’s Bubuddies" (say that three times fast). She hopes that fans will share the newly formed Facebook page with friends, and describes it as, "A place where folks can submit stories of animals in need, fund-raisers and other animal-centric stuff for me to share." 

"How do you even exist? How tender is your paw?"



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