Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Catwoman Claws Her Way Into The Forever 21 "Bats & Cats" Collection

Street-Chic Faux Leather Baseball Cap

Forever 21 has been all over cat fashion lately, but their latest foray into the world of feline style is an insanely awesome tribute to Catwoman, and oh yeah -- that bat dude too (just kidding, the Batman stuff is equally great).

Unlike past kitty collabos with the likes of Garfield, Hello Kitty, and the ASPCA, which tended to be more lighthearted, the "Bats & Cats" collection of exclusive designs is dark, sexy, and super cool. Fans of the comic book vixen will be treated to spiked out sweaters, cropped tops, and head gear sporting some serious hardware. Also on the accessories side, highlights include cat ear headbands, diamond studded sunglasses, and a feline-inspired charm bracelet that Selina Kyle would die for.

The Bats & Cats Collection ranges in price from $2.80 to $39.80, and is available now at

Check out more looks below!

Cropped Catwoman Sweater

Catty Cropped Sweater

Cool Cats Charm Bracelet

Standout Spike Cat Ears Headband

Bold Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Standout Meow Baseball Cap

Cat Ear Eye Mask

Cool Cat Spiked Top

Here Kitty PJ Pants

Cool Cat Beanie


Bats & Cats Sweater



Janine said...

What a cute collection

Unknown said...

Fierce. Meow! I'm ordering those studded cat ears; I'm going for a double ear look!

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